#FitTeam: Dogpound, The Angel’s Gym

Yes, the title doesn’t deceives. The Dogpound gym in New York City is filled with Victoria’s Secret angels. In fact, it was trough Sara (Sampaio), that I ended up training there, while I was in New York. It’s all black and in concrete. It looks like hell, but it’s a sort of paradise to those […]

Behind closed doors: the kooples backstage

Every show and presentation is unique: the casting, the collection, the set. None of this factors happens twice. So with that in mind, I wanted to make one of my favorites for fall-winter 2017-18 last forever: the presentation of the new The Kooples collection, that happened recently in Paris men’s fashion week. Taking advantage of […]

Think Pink, Wear Pink

Photography by Valentina Valdinoci  Andrea Pompilio Jacket | Levi’s Jeans | F.A.M.T. Hoodie | Saint Laurent Boots | Dior Sunglasses | NUUK Rings   I have always heard that pink is a girl’s color. But why should we attach a color to a specific gender? In this season, fashion designers decided to overuse pink and purple in men’s collections. We’re going to have pink […]

Red affair in Paris

Photos Gonçalo Silva I’ve been in Paris since last Sunday and I’m getting back to Portugal today. I’ve had 3 tough days of castings for the Fashion Week. I thought I wouldn’t make it. It’s good to be back in business after a break, but the endless queues get me stressed out. 2 hours waiting just […]

Morning With…

I woke up in 2017 with great news for you. “Morning With…” will be my newest section here on THE AFRO BOY, where you can “wake up with” some of the special faces you might know. The very first one will be… Wait. Be patient, it’s SECRET! Keep following the blog cause it will be […]